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About Achievers network

The achievers network is then foremost professional and entrepreneurship network designed to bring together those who desire to achieve financial freedom and professional excellence through a legitimate platform that offers a genuine source of regular passive income and a very effective capacity development services. If this is your desire, then the achievers network is the right place to be.

The Achievers Network is an initiative of New Height Global resources; a personal growth, business development and internet services company in Nigeria, meant to provide ambitious individuals with the rare opportunity to become stake holders in the highly profitable internet business sector which offers very high return on investment, making it possible for them to easily achieve financial freedom from sharing in the profit of such companies. We have a growing list of internet companies which currently include a web hosting, web designing and digital service company and a fast growing wholesale and retail marketplace called the achieversmall.

Members of the Achievers network share from the profit of the operation of these companies through a weekly return on their investment, giving them a guaranteed source of passive income. They are also provided with the training and mentoring that enables them to attain high level of professional excellence in entrepreneurship and business management, as well as other professional fields of human endeavor.

Our Mission

To provide ambitious individuals with the passive income, skill-set and the social network for achieving their dream of financial independence and professional excellence

Our Key Objective

To ensure that every member is provided with the resources and support required to help them launch their breakthrough goal within one year of joining the achievers network

Why We Exist

Many in Africa, especially in Nigerians, have come to term with the fact that true financial independence is possible only if one can create several genuine source of sustainable passive income income that offers high returns on investment. The most renowned means for earning includes stocks and bonds trading, buying of stakes from highly profitable companies and multi level marketing. People from the first world countries rely on the highly profitable, easily scaled and very sustainable internet companies and other smart businesses like Facebook, Amazon, google, Godaddy, Uber, Airbnb and other smart businesses to easily generate huge passive income. Stocks and stakes of these companies have been known to create massive wealth for the investors and made them to become truly financially independent because of their highly profitable and easily scalable nature.

In Africa, investor have little or no alternative than to invest in businesses that are still based in the capital intensive, old fashioned, industrial age model of operation, which are hardly scalable and much less profitable, thus offering very little return on investment and can hardly create wealth for stakeholders.

New height global resources have put together one of the best team of technology inclined business development experts in Africa, who are masters in the craft of developing, profitably operating and scaling internet and other smart businesses in Nigeria, and the achievers network is the platform through which we want to give the common man the rare opportunity of creating wealth for themselves by owning stake in the internet companies we have developed and are still developing and sharing from the huge profits we realize from the operation and growth of the companies through our well defined and highly paying return on investment model which guarantees them a regular source of huge passive income

Why We Stand Out

A Rare Gold Mine

The achievers network gives the common man a rare privilege of becoming stakeholders in some highly profitable Internet companies which guarantees high return on investment

Unbeatable ROI

All membership package of the achievers network offers unbeatable return on your investment of about 56% per annum, without requiring you to lift even a finger. this is truly amazing

Best Referral Bonus

We offer the best referral bonus for those who are interested in our referral program. Active participation in our referral program can help you achieve financial independence in one year time

Members Training

Unlike most other investment programs, the achievers network provide members with professional training that enhances their capacity to excel in their personal and professional life.

Amazing Support

As a member of the achievers network, you are offered an amazing support in every step of the way. Whether you want to start-up a new business, expand existing ones or facing other challenges, you can always count on our support

Network with the Best

Our membership includes top-notch professionals from different fields of endeavor, when you join the achievers network you have the opportunity to mingle with these like-minded professionals who are willing to help you reach the highest level of professional excellence

How it Works

The achievers network is a well-structured program designed to equip ambitious minds with the ideas, skills, strategies, insights, financial resources and the social network required to enhance their capacity of becoming self-reliant and to enable them build a lifestyle of prosperity and happiness they have always dreamed of. The program is structured in five (5) phases which follows sequentially, allowing new members the opportunity to achieve the major aim for joining the achievers network within twelve (12) months of joining the network.

The five (5) phases of phases of the program includes:






Details of each phase is as follow:

Registration phase: to become a member of the achievers network, the aspiring member must register on the achievers network website by clicking on the register menu and filling the registration form, during which they must select one of the five (5) Affiliate shopping packages which include

Basic achievers Affiliate shopping package ________________________________________ #10,000

Premium achievers Affiliate shopping package ________________________________________ #20,000

Elite achievers Affiliate shopping package ________________________________________ #50,000

Executive achievers Affiliate shopping package ______________________________________ #100,000

Super achievers Affiliate shopping package ________________________________________ #200,000

After registration, you will need to activate your membership by paying the subscription cost for the package you selected. Once your membership has been activated you will receive a welcome note from the achievers network containing the members guide which will help you to get the most out of your membership of the achievers network. You will also receive an invitation to our members’ exclusive networking event within 2 months of your membership where you will be officially introduced to other members.

Earning phase: the achievers network is a program with high income earning potential for all members, once a member’s account is activated the income earning phase kick start immediately. There are two income types that our members can earn from the network which are:

Basic weekly income

Daily affiliate commission bonus

The basic weekly income is a weekly earnings of 3% of the cost of each members package cost paid every Tuesday into each member’s wallet for 52 weeks. The basic weekly income detail for all the five affiliate shopping package are as follows:

Benefits our members enjoy

guaranteed monthly passive income of N1,200 - N24,000

Mouth watering referral bonus of up to N5,000 -N300,000 daily

Amazing discount of 2% - 20% whn you shop on th aciversmall

Equipment financing for your business expansion

obtain scholarship for you or or your loved ones

you get free ticket to our bi-monthly networking events

Joining the achievers network has been a big help to my business. It has connected me to other members who now patronize my hair saloon business, and i have been equipped with better skills to manage my business better. I am really grateful


Beauty saloon shop Owner Suleja

This is really a gold mine for the common man, the steady income i make from my membership is truly helping me financially and most importantly, it is not affecting my main job because i just recruit others with my phone at my spare time and get paid handsomely. it is truly awesome.

Chinecherem Ani

Construction Company Employee

I always had my doubt about all these investment and networking platform, but because of the track record and the impeccable character of the founder and other team members, i took the calculated risk to buy a small package first, and i must say it has been a very rewarding experience. Big thanks to the team for this amazing opportunity.

COM. Sabinus Nwaimo

M.D of a fast growing Land Survey and Engineering firm in Abuja

I was really amazed to see that such a genuine opportunity for financial and professional growth can be found so easily, so i joined at the beta stage and since then they have delivered more than their promise. It has really been a big help financially and professionally.


Print Equipment Marketer, Portharcourt

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