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About the Achievers' Network

The achievers network is then foremost professional and entrepreneurship network designed to bring together those who desire to achieve financial freedom and professional excellence through a legitimate platform that offers a genuine source of regular passive income and a very effective capacity development services. If this is your desire, then the achievers network is the right place to be.

The Achievers Network is an initiative of New Height Global resources; a personal growth, business development and internet services company in Nigeria, meant to provide ambitious individuals with the rare opportunity to become stake holders in the highly profitable internet business sector which offers very high return on investment, making it possible for them to easily achieve financial freedom from sharing in the profit of such companies. We have a growing list of internet companies which currently include a web hosting, web designing and digital service company and a fast growing wholesale and retail marketplace called the achieversmall.

Members of the Achievers network share from the profit of the operation of these companies through a weekly return on their investment, giving them a guaranteed source of passive income. They are also provided with the training and mentoring that enables them to attain high level of professional excellence in entrepreneurship and business management, as well as other professional fields of human endeavor.

Our Mission

To provide ambitious individuals with the passive income, skill-set and the social network for achieving their dream of financial independence and professional excellence

Our Key Objective

To ensure that every member is provided with the resources and support required to help them launch their breakthrough goal within one year of joining the achievers network

Our Core Objectives

♥♥   to create genuine, reliable and regular source of alternative income for the common 

♥♥   To spur job creation by making fund easily available for technology and creative start-ups

♥♥   To make entrepreneurship a core value of the Nigerian society through which innovative businesses can be developed by both the elites and the common man

♥♥   to foster more more cooperation and collaborations among African professionals and entrepreneurs 

♥♥   to equip existing business owners and aspiring business people with the skills, support, tools and other resources required for them to build globally competitive businesses 

♥♥   to provide Nigerian based professionals with the right support and very affordable capacity development training that will enable the attain the highest level of professional excellence

♥♥   to direct the attention into most of the neglected but very profitable sectors like agriculture, renewable energy, information technology, internet businesses and so on

The Team Behind The Achievers' Network

We have a team of dynamic young professionals who are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, comprising of Business development experts, Entrepreneurs, Website Designers, Digital Marketers and Success Coaches. Giving us the edge of possessing the most comprehensive blend of expertise and wealth of experience for the provision of exceptional personal growth and digital marketing services in Nigeria.


Founder & President



Entrepreneur, Success Coach, Web Developer & Business Strategist

Our team is headed by the visionary leadership of Kelechi Eze, Success coach, Entrepreneur and web designer, a complete embodiment of a world class modern day business executive.

Other Team Members

ezeh bruno

program manager

Anayo nnadika

event cordinator

bar. marcus ugwuja

legal adviser

Sirview Tdaheer


Anayo nnadika

event cordinator

Anayo nnadika

event cordinator

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